Building REST API with Python & Django - Tutorial

Code Chris Ried (from

In this section I'm going to explain all of the sections covered in this series.
We're going to start with a introduction in this section.

1. Setting up our development environment :- In this will install all the software required for this series.

2. Then we create our project where we'll create a new repository on github and a local workspace for managing our source code.

3. Then we'll create a new django app and install some dependencies and configure the app for our project.

4. Then we'll set up our database by creating our first database models and running our first migration.

5. After that we will enable the Django admin so we can manage our database objects using the browser interface.

6. After that we'll learn the basics of API views and view sets so we can understand the basics of building an API with the django rest framework. This will lead us on to creating our students information API where we'll create and test an API use for managing students in our system.

7. After that we'll add the log in API so we can authenticate and identify students then we'll have the students information feed for managing students information feed items.

8. Then we'll deploy our code to a heroku to make it accessible on the Internet.