How to install Git ?

Installing Tejas Sawant

This article shows how to install git-scm.

Step 1:- Goto click on your operating system setup will start downloading.

Downloadiing setup

Step 2:- Click on setup. Then click on Next.

Click on next

Step 3 :- Choose you destination directory/folder.


Step 4 :- Select which components you want to install and press next.

Choosing components

Step 5:- Select your start menu folder.

Start menu folder

Step 6:- Choose your default editor for git. I have used Visual Studio Code and press next.

Choose Editor

Step 7 :- Select your path environment.

Path environment

Step 8 :- Choose your transport backed.

Transport backend

Step 9 :- Choose your line ending conversions

Line ending

Step 10 :- Choose terminal emulator

Terminal Emulator

Step 11 :- Select default behavior for git pull

Default Behavior

Step 12 :- Select your extra options.

Extra Options

Step 13 :- After that click on install.


It will start installation.


Step 14 :- You can verify by typing git in your terminal/cmd. If you see following output then everything is working fine.

Git Options